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detail shot 1 _infinite_Pangea Kali Virga.jpg



Upcycled Fiber

by Pangea Kali Virga



Published in Peach Fuzz Magzine

Union, a self portrait of my partner and I in embrace was created in honor of our love and time together. All materials for the piece were made of upcycled materials including a thrited frame, interior design swatches on their way to the trash, sheets my lover and I have slept on, and other materials sourced from the community (old clothes, etc).

infinite booty squeeze _ Pangea Kali Virga_ Mixed Upcycled Fibers.JPG
detail shot 1 _infinite_Pangea Kali Virga.jpg
detail shot 3_ infinite_ Pangea Kali Virga.JPG
detail shot 2 _infinite_ Pangea Kali Virga.JPG

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