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Pangea Kali Virga, a born and bred New  Yorker, is an enthusiastic creator whose work spans many sides of the fashion and art industry. She is a fashion designer, stylist, curator, and producer with high standards and a conceptual spirit.

Her aim is to build collaborative networks and moving experiences through her work and all of her projects while uplifting the community and showcasing sustainable practices. Pangea is a nomadic designer and has been located in Kansas City, New York City, Vietnam, and now Miami.

Since graduating from FIT in 2012 with a degree in Fashion Design, Pangea has participated in ten runways as designer, curator, or collaborator, stretching the format’s territory to include performance art, sculpture, and corresponding musical compositions. She also served as Designer Curator for the 16th annual West 18th St. Fashion Show where she steered and advised the many collections, as well as styled the runway. In 2018 Pangea designed both men and women's collections for Yaly Couture in Vietnam.


 Pangea is the Executive Producer and co-founder of Miami On Sight, a community-minded fashion project, celebrating the city and its people through showcasing established and emerging local sustainable designers in unique, iconic Miami locations. Miami On Sight produces recurring fashion and design events with a focus on outreach, accessibility, environmentalism, and inclusivity to create connections between the arts community and the general public.

Pangea, also a talented stylist, has produced dozens of editorial photo shoots that have been featured in leading fashion journals including, Lucy's, and Contributor.

Pangea continues to push her work, collaborating in multiple mediums with artists and musicians alike. Ms.Virga is currently living in Miami, Florida and can be hired for sustainability consulting, custom orders, and styling services.

Pangea's CV can be seen here.


Pangea is interested in exploring the relationship between skin and fabric, the individual and nature, and the ego and society, with a specific regard to the liminal tension between the inner self and the body's presentation.


She has primarily done this by creating wearable sculptures and garments; she believes in the power of clothing as storyteller and cultural marker, an artform whose elastic boundaries stretch from the highest vanities of our public lives to our quietest intimacies. Pangea has found great comfort and liberation through clothing and fashion, and the work she creates is made in hopes of extending those experiences to the viewer and wearer.

"My goal is to create textiles that speak for themselves, are rich in texture and detail, narrative, ornate, and painterly. I see each work as a composition, with a story of its own for people to wear and tell."



At PANGEA KALI VIRGA we are dedicated to helping transform the fashion industry to be a more sustainable and equitable one. Our pieces are one-of-a-kind wearable art created with attention to detail, quality, and rigorous environmental standards.


PANGEA KALI VIRGA focuses on entirely one-off season-free pieces and experimental conceptual design using couture finishings. We do so by creating unique hand-made textiles and accessories of upcycled vegan materials, practicing zero waste in-studio, fair labor standards, community engagement, and donating a portion of proceeds to worthy charities. Charities are chosen every 6 months and range from environmental efforts to queer and trans efforts..

If you would like to learn more about sustainability in the fashion industry and our process and reusable packaging please visit our blog or sign up for our monthly newsletter below for more information.  

PANGEA KALI VIRGA is also proud to host monthly virtual and in-person workshops and sewing lessons around the subject of sustainable fashion, with lessons such as mending, patch-making, rug making and more. If you would like private lessons or to learn more about our workshops please contact us.



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