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photo album


by Pangea Kali Virga + Vizcaya Museum and Gardens + you, Miami!

With photography from you, Ryan Swartzlander, Karli Evans, Pangea Kali Virga,  Rebeca Mendizabla, and more.

Scroll down to see pictures of the entire Ecotopia family and all of our participants.

Want to be part of the Ecotopia Family Photo Album? Just share your Ecotopia photos on Instagram using the #VizcayaEcotopia hashtag on Instagram and/or by DMing your images to @pangeakalivirga.

Creating family photo albums is a way I express my love, gratitude, and desire to preserve the past and all of the special memories that make up my life. Join me now at Ecotopia to create a new kind of family photo album, that encompasses the community and the memory of our shared creation. Hopefully we can use this space as a way to look back on the joy we shared and built together and the actions we can take to uplift our community through sharing, community action, and sustainable practices.


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