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The Spider Web Dress and Wall Hanging is part of the All Materials Come From The Earth Collection and was exhibited as part of the Deering Comtemporary Exhibition in 2024.


The dress is made of upcycled cotton sewn into strips and sculpted into a web design. Upcycled chandelier crystals dot the expanse of the web and catch and refract light like dew drops.


Extra long straps allow the piece to be nailed to the wall or hung from a branch for a wall hanging or can be tied at the neck and the back to be worn like a halter dress.

The intial dress had a backing of dissolvable fabric which was dissolved during the debut of the collection as part of a performance as seen in the pictures here.


Free Size.

One of one.

Handmade in Miami by Pangea Kali Virga.


The piece will be in exhbition until April and can be preordered now. Shipping will take place first week of April.


Spider Web Dress/Wall Hanging

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