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We all have clothing we adore "resting" in the back of our closets due to rips, stains, missing buttons, and more. Get those pieces out from retirement and empower yourself and your closet through mending.

Mending Kits in Rainbow come with an assortment of patches in various shades. Each kit made of upcycled materials, comes with needles, pins, tailors chalk, safety pins threads, patches of various sizes, lace applique, and a playlist of instructional videos.


Each kit comes with a unique set of patches and lace appliques.

These make perfect gifts and serve as wonderful home sewing kits






Mending Kit in Rainbow

  • Each kit includes

    • 10 pins
    • 3 needles
    • 6 patches
    • lace appliques
    • tailors chalk
    • thread in 3 colors
    • directions and instructional video playlist
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