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Get creative with that pile of tee shirts you have in your closet and learn how to sew while revamping these classic wardobre staples. We will cover patching, embroidery, applique, painting, cutting, and basic stitching in this 3 hour workshop at sustainability hub, Pivot Mkt at the Citadel.


All sewing materials and fabrics will be provided with ticket cost. Please bring your own tee shirts to work on.  Tee shirts will be available for purchase at Pivot Mkt if you would prefer to not use your own.


Did you know that 1 tee shirt requires more water than what you use in a three year period? You can cut down on your footprint and make the most of what you already own through upcycling. Turn that charity event tee shirt, school tee shirt, plain tee shirt, and any tee shirt into something truly fabulous and unique.


Choose the amount of tickets you would like to purchase after adding to the cart.


  • Complimentary parking is available at The Citadel parking lot, behind the building.

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