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have you reckoned the earth much?


Fiber Art Series by Pangea Kali Virga


Upcycled Fiber


Exhibited at the Miami Beach Botanical Garden in the eponymous solo show from April through June 2020

For Pangea Kali Virga’s first fiber art exhibition, Have you reckoned the Earth much?, the artist has produced a series of works celebrating and inspired by the Miami Beach Botanical Garden and the unique wilderness of the Magic City. The show features over 35 works composed fully of upcycled materials donated by the Miami community and assembled using zero waste and sustainable techniques. The unique colors and forms of the Miami Beach Botanical Garden’s vegetation are integrated into the compositions, emphasizing the artist’s belief that nature is the grand designer of the world. These one-of-a-kind, sustainable fiber works examine intersections of individual and environment, using Walt Whitman’s seminal text, Leaves of Grass, as a guide. Have you reckoned the Earth much? continues Pangea Kali Virga’s career-spanning call for action from viewers to consider their role in the beautiful and delicate process of life on earth.  

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