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A-line tulle dress with voluminous ruffles at the shoulders and hips. Embroidery with tear dropped crystals drip from the side seams. Cupped hand motif embroidered by hand is placed over the chest with dripping tear-drop crystals.


Fits size XS-M


This dress can be custom ordered in any color and size! Made to order in your dimensions. I will need your shoulder, bust, waist, hip, and length measurement. I will reach out upon purchase to assist with this.


The Samsara Dress is proudly made using zero waste practices.

Want this design custom made just for you? Start your custom order here.


One of a kind.

Handmade in Miami.

Hand Wash and Hang Dry


My 'CreateDestroy' collection, the first sustainable collection, was an approach to equalizing the creative and destructive forces of fashion design and production through an experimental radical approach to zero waste. Using fabrics already on hand, each scrap and thread cut during the process was reintegrated into new designs until every element was used completely resulting in a fully zero waste collection of 20+pieces. See the rest of the CreateDestroyCollection here.



The Samsara Dress *Custom Order Only*

  • This sample will be sent out within 7 days of purchase. Orders are shipped via USPS with tracking.

    Shipping in the USA only.

    Want an international order? Contact us for international shipping rates here.

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