january 2021

Published in Gmaro Magazine, Faddy Magazine, Brother Junior x Pangea Kali Virga.


December 2020 Press

New Publications in Harpers Bazaar, Horizont, and Picton Magainze.


November 2020 Press

New Publications in Fort Lauderdale Magazine, The Untitled Magazine, Vanilla Issue, L'Officiel, and Feroce Magazine.


October 2020 Press

New Publications in Chic Miami Magazine, Salyse, Diago Music Vidoes.


july-september 2020 Press


New Publications in Chic Miami Magazine, Opium Red Magazine, Avessa Magazine and Blake Aghili x Pangea  Kali Virga.

april-june 2020 Press

Haute Punch Magazine, This Bitch Magazine, Bal Harbour Magazine


october-december 2019 Press

Contributor Magazine, Jenny Figueroa x Pangea Kali Virga, FIU talk.


april-june 2019 Press

Solstice Magazine, La Botanica Magazine, Fashion Grunge Magazine, Jarry Lee x Pangea Kali Virga, Orel Brodt x Pangea Kali Virga


september-december 2017 Press

Teeth Magazine, 7 Hues Magazine, Revista Tendencia, Annie Ellicott



2017 Press

Contributor Magazine, Valentina Sampaio, Carla Mauri Music Video



2017 Press

Models.com, Jorocco Jewelry Campaign, Cause Magazine, Carla Mauri Music Video