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independence of the human soul


32 Spreads in Accordian Book Form

Upcycled Fiber, Upcycled Paper, Vintage Rabbit Fur

by Pangea Kali Virga



Exhibited at MOCA, published in Woven Utopia Spring 2022 issue

Limited Edition of 20 prints to be published as zines in Spring 2023

We Watch The Illusion With Unbearable Compassion is the title of the piece that spawned this process book. The intent of the book was to reveal the process and labor behind the original quilt and reveal some of the thoughts and references behind it.


Tarot, my relationship, time as a concept, poetry, the natural world, art history, folk craft, and the practice of art as meditation and medicine inspired this fiber self portrait of the present moment constructed with upcycled materials. A corresponding process book accompanies the piece with exploratory text, source images and materials,theory, and process work. This heavily embroidered tapestry is one in a triptych, a highly personal narrative done using universal archetypes to create general stories that can be personalized by the viewer. All materials for the piece were sourced from loved ones, peers, past works, and community members with all scraps being incorporated into new works for a zero waste result.

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